Terzo appuntamento con le news del Lakes International Comic Art Festival: Tracce delle risorse del seminario sulla Grande Guerra rilasciate -LICAF 2021)
Stavolta lo staff del Festival dei Laghi ci comunica di un importante documento estratto dal Workshop sulla Prima Guerra Mondiale (la grande Guerra) con l’obiettivo di aiutare a portare i fumetti nelle classi di tutto il Regno Unito, ma posso aggiungere che sarebbe valido anche nelle Scuole italiane.

Nota bene: Quali supporter del LICAF 2021, questa preview la condividiamo immediatamente in inglese in attesa anche della versione in Italiano.
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Traces of the Great War Workshop Resources Released, aiming to help get comics into classrooms across the UK

(Tracce delle risorse del seminario sulla Grande Guerra rilasciate, con l’obiettivo di aiutare a portare i fumetti nelle classi di tutto il Regno Unito)

Kendal, martedi 16 marzo 2021:

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is pleased to announce the release of its Traces of The Great War Comic Workshop Activities Resources. Created as part of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to the 14-18 NOW arts project through its Legacy programme, the free resources also highlight how useful comics can be as a teaching aid, with a reach that combines both the visual and the written word.

14-18 NOW was the UK’s arts programme for the World War One centenary. Working with arts and heritage partners all across the UK, the organisation commissioned new artworks from 420 contemporary artists, musicians, film makers, designers and performers, inspired by the period 1914-18. The huge project included the publication of Black Dog, a graphic novel co-created by Dave McKean, and Traces of the Great War, an anthology of comic stories examining the impact of the First World War to this day across Europe. The book features work by Charlie Adlard, Simon Armitage, Edmond Baudoin, Joe Kelly, Dave McKean, Mikiko, Ken Niimura, Sean Phillips, Ian Rankin, Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot, and many others.

Both books were instigated by the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, working with both British and international partners and as part of this, the Kendal-based organisation also created resources for teachers and school children to tell their own stories of how they viewed the world-changing events of over 100 years ago.

Now, artist and educator Hester Harrington, working with illustrator Holly Wardlaw and Steve Kerner of Curious Road, has created a brand new set of new creative resources for schools, available from the LICAF web site, in response to the content of Traces of the Great War.

“This project combined all my skills in a very collaborative way,” she says. “I loved it, in part because as a teacher, too, it really brought it home to me that no matter how good the resources you create are, it’s hugely important that they empower both teachers and school children. It’s absolutely vital they’re seen as relevant to the current curriculum, to encourage their use, too.

I knew from the outset that I was in a privileged position to create a brand-new project,” says Hester. “I think it’s great that 14-18 NOW saw the potential in the anthology and that I was set free to devise creative resources.”

Working with local schools and others in Cumbria – the Home Educating family (the Holderness’s) from Kendal, Sandgate School, and Hornby St Margaret’s C of E Primary School – Hester “road tested” the resources. In this, she was inspired in part by some of the artists who created Traces of the Great War in the first place, such as the painting style of Edmond Baudoin, while also ensuring they could be utilised in practical ways.

My ‘no mess’ approach was very well received!” she laughs, “Just using affordable art materials, too, developing accessible activities for all and using techniques that could be replicated easily and independently at home.

“It’s been the perfect combination of comics, art and education – whilst picking up on strands of well-being and shine a spotlight on the continued relevance of World War One in today’s society,” Hester continues. “This project has been a huge personal achievement, but has also reinforced – in my mind at least – the fact that comics in the classroom really do have a significant, valuable and unique role to play.”

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Stampa su carta carbone e commenti sui fumetti

Skills Share – Apprendimento visivo – youtu.be/i8TKkOV1Bp0

This first video tutorial demonstrates a printing technique that allows youngsters to take a closer look and visually engage with the full content of an image. The comics mechanism of adding an additional second smaller panel creates an opportunity for individuals to add their own comment, voicing what they have learnt through their visual study.

Watercolour Painting & Water Filled Brush Pens

Skills Share – Visual Learning – youtu.be/08hBANDdFtU

This second video tutorial demonstrates a range of creative techniques to enhance visual learning across the curriculum, in any learning environment (no sink required!). These watercolour-based painting techniques, inspired by Edmond Baudoin’s illustrations, can be used to visually investigate a range of different subject material.

• For the individual projects and supporting resources head to comicartfestival.com/remembrance-day
• Time Capsule: comicartfestival.com/time-capsule
• Visual Learning: comicartfestival.com/visual-learning


“My intention was to create a series of resources that would be succinct and relevant for teachers to find easily on the Internet, understand relevance and objectives easily, and be able to print off, all in under 15 minutes,” says Hester Harrington. “Teachers time is precious so finding resources needs to be a swift process.

“I feel I have a good position of understanding from my experience of having one foot firmly in education, whilst also having had involvement in developing creative initiatives in different community scenarios.

“In order to get comics into the classroom the source materials also have to link to other educational initiatives that schools were keen to focus on as part of their ongoing curriculum, whole school development plan, or specific key focuses for youngsters.

“Eventually, the projects which I designed each took on each of these initiatives. Focusing on either mathematics (a core subject), creative materials in the classroom (bringing artistic process and visual investigation into all areas of the curriculum), or the use of ‘traces of war’ as a narrative to highlight the continued relevance of World War One and conflict in modern society, as well as tie in strands of well-being.

“I have plenty of experience in developing resources as a secondary school art teacher and had already begun to generate ideas through my part time role teaching in Queen Elizabeth School, in Kirkby Lonsdale, during the original creation of the Traces of The Great War anthology.

“Projects I developed at QES had been in response to already existing comics that featured elements of war or conflict as a main theme, such as comics MausThe Terrorist, Palestine and Black Dog. It was an easy and obvious step for me to create activities that would use individual comics from the anthology as an inspirational springboard.

“Through LICAF I had also previously been given the opportunity to work at a local primary school – evolving my ability to deliver educational materials suitable for a wider age range.”

• For the full project and supporting resources head to https://www.comicartfestival.com/live/comic-workshop-activities
Queste immagini ed altre sono disponibili anche qui (link Dropbox)
page extracted from TRACES OF THE GREAT WAR_RITA
page extracted from TRACES OF THE GREAT WAR


The Traces of the Great War anthology, published in partnership with Image Comics in 2018, was commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary, La Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, On a Marche Sur Le Bulle and Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. It was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and from the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

Featuring strips from francophone, British and other artists from across the globe, Traces of the Great War will include a dedicated website, education programme and exhibitions.

Comic creators involved include award-winning artist and writer Dave McKean, who also co-created the critically-acclaimed 14-18 NOW comics work Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash in 2016.

Contributors to Traces of the Great War included: Charlie Adlard, Simon Armitage, Edmond Baudoin, Juan Díaz Canales, Régis Hautière, Joe Kelly, Kris, Thomas Von Kummant, Denis Lapière, Victoria Lomasko, Maël, Dave McKean, Mikiko, Ken Niimura, Sean Phillips, Ian Rankin, Riff Reb’s, Robbie Morrison, Orijit Sen, Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot.

Note per gli editori

• Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2021 : 15-17 ottobre 2021 : www.comicartfestival.com

I seguenti elementi sono informazioni di base sul Festival Internazionale del Fumetto dei Laghi che potresti trovare utili per altri articoli per il tuo punto vendita di notizie sulla nostra organizzazione. Li includiamo in ogni comunicato stampa a scopo informativo e per riconoscere i nostri numerosi finanziatori e principali sostenitori.

Ospiti del Festival nel 2021

Resta sintonizzato per i nostri ospiti 2021! Gli ospiti del festival nel 2020 includevano: Charlie Adlard, Steven Appleby, Yomi Ayeni, Sayra Begum, Hannah Berry, Jason Chatfield, Paul Cornell, Gemma Correll, Ben Cullis, Hugleikur Dagsson, Robert Deas, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Francis Desharnais, Elyon’s, Claire Fauvel , Duncan Fegredo, Björk Matias Friis, Dave Gibbons, Paul Gravett, Peter Hansen, Stephen L. Holland, Marc Jackson, Jibé, Igort, Inko Ai Takita, Chie Kutsuwada, Bobby Joseph, Joe Kelly, Pavel Kořínek, Lucie Lomová, Pierre Lungheretti , Vojtěch Mašek, Luke McGarry, Joe McGarry, Steve McGarry, Sarah McIntyre, Dave McKean, John McShane, Metaphrog, Mark Millar, Junko Mizuno, Bill Morrison, Ken Niimura, Sean Phillips, Benoît Peeters, Eric Reynolds, Tom Richmond, Tanya Roberts , Julie Rocheleau, Zoom Rockman, Martin Rowson, Posy Simmonds, Glen Southern, Lucy Sullivan, Kev F. Sutherland, Bryan Talbot, Petteri Tikannen, Toy_Box, Emma Vieceli, VIZ, Tom Ward e Joe Wos

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Chi siamo

Il Lakes International Comic Art Festival è l’unico nel suo genere nel Regno Unito, incentrato su eventi e progetti di fumetti presentati da una delle zone più belle del paese: il Lake District inglese, nella città mercato di Kendal. Modellato su festival in stile europeo, come Angoulême in Francia, il Festival annuale di solito occupa l’intera città per un fine settimana di fumetti ogni ottobre, ma diventerà virtuale nel 2020 con LICAF LIVE.

L’obiettivo del Festival è celebrare l’intero spettro dell’arte dei fumetti, ispirando i fan e i creatori di fumetti esistenti e, si spera, generando anche nuovo pubblico e creatori. Investe nei creatori attraverso un programma di commissioning e pone l’accento sullo sviluppo di collaborazioni internazionali.

I patroni del Festival sono i creatori di fumetti Yomi Ayeni, Kate Charlesworth, il laureato dei fumetti Stephen L. Holland, Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot e Zoom Rockman.

Il Festival è sostenuto utilizzando finanziamenti pubblici dalla National Lottery attraverso l’ Arts Council England . È supportato da Choose Cumbria , Cumbria County Council , South Lakeland District Council e il consiglio comunale di Kendal

I nostri principali sponsor sono Lenovo , Westmorland Shopping Center , Lancaster University e Southern GFX .

I nostri soci fondatori sono il Brewery Arts Center e Kendal College , e siamo anche supportati da Australia Council for the Arts , The British Council , The Finnish Institute in London , Flanders House , Flanders Literature , Institut Français du Royaume-Uni , The Italian Cultural Institute , National Cartoonists Society e Wallonie Bruxelles International .

Riceviamo anche supporto dagli editori Fanfare Press e Knockabout Press .

Grazie anche ai nostri generosi donatori: Charlie Adlard, Lynette Adlard, Graham Dury, Peter Kessler, Bryan Talbot, Sean Phillips e Simon Thorp.

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