Secondo post di preview dedicato al THE LAKES INTERNATIONAL COMIC ART FESTIVAL.
In questa occasione riporto alcuni EVENTI annunciati sulla pagina facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheLakesInternationalComicArtFestival ), 
nei mesi di agosto, giugno, che si terranno il 18-19 e 20 ottobre a Kendal, in Cumbria, in Inghilterra.

Per gli approfondimenti rimando il lettore alla pagina facebook, già indicata, ed al sito ufficiale http://www.comicartfestival.com

On this occasion I report some EVENTS announced on the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheLakesInternationalComicArtFestival), in the months of August, June, to be held on 18-19 and October 20 in Kendal, Cumbria, England.

For further details the reader is referred to the facebook page already indicated, and the official website http://www.comicartfestival.com

Mario B.



Our Focus on Live Draw Events today brings you…

Watch them Draw – Jon McNaught

Sunday 20 October @ 15.30-16.30 

27-08-13_Jon McNaught

Jon McNaught was the first Briton to win the Prix Révélation, The Best Newcomer Award, at Angouleme, for his first full-length book Automne (entitled Dockwood in English) and is an Eisner award nominee in 2013.

“There are few younger comics artists with whom I feel a genuine aesthetic kinship but the radiant and glowing Dockwood is Jon McNaught’s loveliest argument for the beauty of simply being alive. It’s a gem” Chris Ware. Find out why.




Our Live Draw Event Focus today brings you…

Watch them Draw – Hannah Berry & Isabel Greenberg

Oct 20, 2013 at 12:30 

26-08-13_Hannah Berry & Isabel Greenberg

Hannah Berry is one of the talented young artists at the forefront of the new golden age for British comic art. Her first graphic novel, Britten & Brulightly, was published by Jonathan Cape while she was still studying. The Daily Telegraph said it was ‘superb’. The New Statesman described her second graphic novel Adamtine as doing ‘horror in the traditional way, while using the quirks of the medium to ratchet up the fear’.

Isabel Greenberg is a London-based illustrator and writer who won the Cape/Comica/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize in 2011. In her debut book, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth out October 2013, Isabel Greenberg has created an entire world and populated it with gods and monsters and described as “a book of incredible beauty which will appeal far beyond the traditional graphic novel market”.




Our Live Draw Event Focus today brings you…

Watch them Draw – Pau and Hunt Emerson

Sunday 20 @ 11.00 -12.00 

25-08-13_Pau and Hunt Emerson

Hailed as “a national treasure”, Hunt Emerson has received several comics industry awards and in 2000 was named one of the 75 Masters of European Comics by the CNBDI, the noted French comics Academy. He has produced witty adaptations of stories such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, as well as two books based on the ideas of Victorian philosopher John Ruskin. His latest book is a riotous take on Dante’s Inferno.

Pau1Spanish cartoonist Pau has won The Oscarcomix children’s comics award, the Luis Molina International contests award (Italy) as well as the Haxtur Award for Humor, for his daily editorial cartoon Pau Per Tots. Together they will draw live for your curiosity, entertainment and sheer pleasure.




Our Live Draw Festival Focus today brings you…

Watch them Draw – Glyn Dillon

Oct 19, 2013 @ 14:00

23-08-13_Glyn Dillon

Glyn Dillon has made a major impact on the international comic art scene with his graphic novel The Nao of Brown since it was published in 2012. It tells the story of a half Japanese, half English woman who suffers from violent morbid obsessions and a racing, unruly mind. The book won the Prix Spécial du Jury at Angouleme earlier this year.

Glyn has had a wide-ranging career from Tank Girl to working as a storyboard artist and concept designer for both film and television. This live drawing event is a great opportunity to see how he works as a comic artist and to get an insight into his creative process.

“The Nao of Brown is Herman Hesse meeting Norman Rockwell for a wonderful weekend of watercolour painting. The result is simply ravishing” Jamie Hewlett.



21-08-2013 –

23-08-13_Gavin Pollock

We continue to introduce you to our amazing festival volunteers (without whom we couldn’t run our festival!)..

Today we introduce you to Gavin Pollock

“my bio is that I’m a full time dad, and part time teacher, life drawing model, and artist. I studied comics at the London Cartoon Centre and manga when I was at Fukuoka University allegedly learning Japanese. I have a couple of blogs for my comics, but this is the main one, http://http://benandantiastralbodyguard.wordpress.com/

Comics-wise, I’m very into the European stuff like Moebius and Manara, but I am reading the Nao of Brown right now and really enjoying it.”
Thanks for sending us this Gavin.


Our Live Draw Event today brings you…

Watch them Draw- Stephen Collins and S J Harris

Oct 19, 2013 @ 10:30

20-08-13_Stephen Collins

Two new leading lights in UK comics come together to (literally) illustrate their approach to story design, caricature and more.

Stephen Collins began cartooning for The Times in 2003, and has since won several awards, including the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize 2010. He contributes regular comics to the Guardian Weekend and Prospect magazine. His first graphic novel The Gigantic Beard that was Evil was published in May 2013 to great acclaim. It is an off-beat fable worthy of Roald Dahl about life, death and the meaning of beards.

Steven (SJ) Harris is a British cartoonist and writer, based in London. His first graphic novel Eustace was also published by Jonathan Cape in 2013.

It is a blackly comic, surreal and exquisitely-rendered work and reveals a fresh imagination and talent within the UK comic art scene.
Venue: The Box, Wildman Street




To mark the two months until the festival this week we will be telling you all about our amazing Live Draw Events.


These events will take place in The Box, Wildman Street a perfect venue with large screen projections of the live drawings. You will be in the ideal venue, up close and personal to watch the artists draw live.

So our first event is The Big Comic Draw..

October 18 7.15pm

Four leading comic artists come together for the first time for one of the festival’s opening events. Doug Braithwaite (X-Men and Storm Dogs), Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd), Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy) and Jose Munoz (Alack Sinner) will take part in this special live drawing event, giving the audience the chance to see how they work. The session will be hosted by fellow comic artist Peter Doherty, who will be talking to the participants about their work and their approach to creating comics. A live, interactive and captivating evening




Our Feature Event Focus today.. brings you…

V for Vendetta- Opening Event –

Friday 18 October 7.00 


A very special opening night event is V for Vendetta featuring the man behind the mask himself, internationally-acclaimed artist David Lloyd.

He will introduce a special screening of the film and then sketch and sign for the audience afterwards.




Our Exhibition Focus of the day brings you….

The Art of Sean Phillips

Brewery Arts Centre – Sugar Store Gallery

6 October- 10 November 2013


Sean Phillips’ pencil and pen reveals a world of stained, neglected architecture and stained, neglected dreams; old, road-dusty cars and old, road-dusty men; women with soft flesh and hard eyes; dudes with hard knuckles and soft eyes; beasties with impeccable suits and too many eyes. The Art of Sean Phillips is a crazed flickershow of jolting pulp imagery and an astonishing document of his journey from a daydreaming kid to a four-color legend. It also, along the way, stands as further proof of the fierce vitality of modern comics”.

Joe Hill, author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns and NOS4R2

Follow Sean’s remarkable “career”, from British girls’ comics, 2000AD and Vertigo to his superhero work for Marvel, DC and Wildstorm to his many creator-owned series with long-time collaborator Ed Brubaker. This exhibition ties in with the launch of Sean’s new artbook and offers an insight into the career and processes of one of the most acclaimed artists in comics today.

The exhibition is designed and curated by Janette and SeanPhillips



Our Event Focus today is…

Getting to Grips with Graphic Novels

October 20 12.30pm

12-08-13_Karrie Fransman

Hot foot from teaching on the Arvon Foundation leading comic creator Karrie Fransman will help you get to grips with this exciting medium. Explore the history of sequential art from the Bayeux tapestry to Grayson Perry’s own tapestries, debate the meaning of manga, graphic novels and sequential art, and discover why we are entering a golden age of visual storytelling

Karrie’s autobiographical comic strips were published in The Guardian and her comic serial The Night I Lost My Love ran in The Times. Her graphic novel, The House That Groaned, is published by Random House’s Square Peg and highly- praised by film director Nicolas Roeg as well as being chosen as Graphic Novel of the Month in The Observer and ‘Best British Debut Graphic Novel’ by comic scholar Paul Gravett.




Our Exhibition Focus of the day…

The Castle Dairy, Wildman Street

16 September to 10 November 2013

Celebrating the new, the innovative, the quirky and more……and the wonders of tea!

Berry, Britten & Brulightly

10-08-13_Hannah Berr

Hannah Berry is mostly a graphic novelist, but also a writer, illustrator, occasional lecturer and editorial gun-for-hire, as well as having been three-times tutor for the Arvon Foundation’s Graphic Novel Writing course and Booktrust’s seventh Online Writer in Residence.
This exhibition features artwork from, amongst others, her first graphic novel, Britten & Brulightly, which she began while studying an illustration degree at the University of Brighton, subsequently published by Jonathan Cape in 2008. It has been translated into Italian, Dutch, Serbian and French, with the French edition chosen as part of the official selection for the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival. She has exhibited work in solo and collective exhibitions and written for publications including the New Statesman, Dazed & Confused and Huffington Post UK.



Today’s Focus on Themed Events brings you…

This is My Life: The Art of Memoir 

October 19 2.00-3.00 pm


Four writers who have produced acclaimed memoirs in the form of a graphic novel discuss the art of the graphic memoir including the advantages (and the drawbacks) of using the medium to tell their life stories.

Al Davison (The Spiral Cage), Mary Talbot (Dotter of her Father’s Eyes), Nye Wright (Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park…When You’re 29 and Unemployed) and Katie Green (Lighter than my Shadow) will be talking to Nicola Streeten, who has herself created a powerful and moving graphic novel based on her own personal experiences.




Today’s Focus on Themed Events brings you..

Cape Crusaders
October 20 2.00-3.00pm

20-06-13-Robbie Morrison and Jim Murray
Our pic of the day : 20-06-13 – Robbie Morrison and Jim Murray- Per gentile concessions. © degli aventi diritti

Jonathan Cape is at the vanguard of graphic novel publishing in the UK and part of Random House, the world’s largest publisher. It therefore occupies a critical place in the promotion of the comic art medium at a global level and, in particular, of the work of established and emerging UK talent.

Dr Mel Gibson, one of the UK’s leading comics scholars, invites you to join Dan Franklin, Publisher of Jonathan Cape, to celebrate some of their best new titles from 2013, to discuss how it chooses new work and new creators and to reveal what lies in store for 2014. Featuring Katie Green (Lighter than my Shadow, launched October 2013), Isabel Greenberg (The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, launched October 2013) , Robbie Morrison (Drowntown) and Gary and Warren Pleece (Montague Terrace).




Our Focus on Themed Events today… be afraid, very afraid

Rocking with Horror
19 October 8.00-9.15pm

06-08-13-Rocking with Horror

Mwa ha ha ha ha haaaaa! Prepare to be disturbed. This is a panel talk but not as you know it….Meet scary comic creators Hannah Berry (Britten and Brulightly and Adamtine), Ian Culbard (At the Mountains of Madness, Deadbeats and more), David Hine (The Bulletproof Coffin, The Man Who Laughs and more) and Ravi Thornton (The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone) as they talk about their methods and their madness. Chaired by Alex Fitch of Resonance FM.



Out now…

Uncanny 1 by Andy Diggle (here is the second variant cover)


Andy will be appearing as one of the many guests at our event:

2000AD: An On-Earth Odyssey, 19 October 20.30-22.30.

To book tickets for this events (limited number of seats for the event so we recommend you book early) you will find more information on our website:


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