Torniamo nel Regno Unito con un’altra bella news dal Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

John Freeman e lo staff del LICAF continuano a diffondere i nomi degli ospiti che saranno presenti all’edizione 2023.

Alla lunga lista di Autori già presentati nelle settimane scorse, si sono aggiunti da qualche giorno James Albon, Silvia L. Ballart, Bernard Hage (alias The Art Of Boo), Štěpánka Jislová ed Eva Pavlič, che si uniscono al Festival di quest’anno, grazie alla collaborazione con Comic Art Europe, un progetto che cerca di unire fumettisti e organizzazioni da tutta Europa.

Inoltre, lo staff del LICAF è lieto di annunciare il primo “Festival Fringe” non ufficiale durante l’evento del fine settimana di quest’anno, guidato da creatori che includono Dan Berry, Lucy Sullivan e Kev F. Sutherland. Mentre due giorni fa sono stati resi noti i fumetti in lizza per il premio “Sophie Castille Awards for Comics in Translation“ che, nella sua prima edizione, sarà assegnato proprio sabato 30 settembre all’edizione 2023 del LICAF.

Buona lettura

Mario Benenati, Presidente “Fumettomania Factory – APS”

Nota Bene Per chi ci legge per la prima volta: Fumettomania Factory – APS, è una realtà di promozione sociale e culturale italiana con sede in Sicilia, con 32 anni di vita, che supporta il Lakes International Comic Art Festival che si svolge a Bowness-on-Windermere, nella Regione dei Laghi, proprio condividendo le varie news diffuse dallo Staff del Festival.

Comic Art Europe Guests revealed for Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2023
and the debut of a “Festival Fringe

British comic creator James Albon
British comic creator James Albon

Bowness-on-Windermere, Thursday 6th July 2023:

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is delighted to confirm five more incredible comic creators for this year’s annual event in Bowness-on-Windermere  (29th September – 1st October 2023), joining the event thanks to the organisation’s continued partnership with Comic Art Europe.

The comics-focused organisation is also pleased to announce the first unofficial “Festival Fringe” at this year’s weekend-long event, spearheaded by creators that include Dan Berry, Lucy Sullivan and Kev F. Sutherland.

James Albon, Silvia L. Ballart, Bernard Hage (aka The Art Of Boo), Štěpánka Jislová and Eva Pavlič join this year’s Festival, brought to the Lakes in partnership with Comic Art Europe, a project that tries to unite comics artists and organisations all over Europe.

It’s supported by four organisations from across the continent – Lyon BD, the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Escola Joso, Centre de Còmic i Arts Visuals and Centre Belge de la Bande-Dessinée (the Belgium Comic Strip Centre) – with the support of the European Union program “Creative Europe”. One of its many goals is to create a training and development programme for young comic artists and students across Europe, including summer camps.

The CAE-sponsored guests join an all-star line-up of creators already announced, which includes:

Mehdi Annassi, aka Machima, Charlie Adlard, Gigi Cavenago, Gustavo Duarte, Hunt Emerson, Gerhard, Lina Ghaibeh, Peter Hogan, Jad (George Khoury), Comics Laureate Stephen L. Holland, Mai Koraiem, Michael Lark, Lucie Lomová, Dave McKean, Fouad Mezher, Bill Morrison, Seif Eddine Nechi, Steve and Annie Parkhouse, Sean Phillips,

Pieter De Poortere, Tom Richmond, Peter Rogiers, Marek Rubec, Festival poster designer Mohamed Salah, David Shenton, Václav Šlajch, Rachael Smith, Bryan and Mary Talbot, “Awkward Yeti” creator Nick Seluk, Shennawy and Dr Nicola Streeten, Nancy ArtMusic and Wallis Eates of LDComics.

More creators from across the globe will be revealed soon, part of a weekend-long event that will open with a never-to-be repeated opening night of comedy with comedians Josie Long and Frankie Boyle (the latter also a comics creator) on Friday 29th September.

The Festival is also pleased to acknowledge this year marks the arrival of a number of “Festival Fringe” events around Windermere, spearheaded by cartoonist, illustrator, podcaster and educator Dan Berry and fellow comics conspirators such as David Gaffney and Lucy Sullivan. The events will make the Festival even bigger than ever, complementing the official programme.

“We’re really excited to about these fab-sounding ‘Fringe’ events,” says Festival Director Julie Tait.

“The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has grown its programming since its inception in 2013, but, this year, comic events in Bowness-in-Windermere are going to be even bigger in number.

“These aren’t official events, but just as the Edinburgh Fringe has brought people to Scotland’s capital during its International Festival, way back in 1947, we know that the more that’s going on, the more our Festival will bring comic fans to the Lakes each year. Their presence is welcome!”

Information on confirmed events can be found on the Festival web site, along with links to the web sites or social media of the event participants, who, so far, include John Allison, Dan Berry, David Gaffney, also a guest at the Festival, Roger Langridge, Joe Latham, Zara Slattery, Rachael Smith, Lucy Sullivan, Kev F Sutherland and Lyndon White.

Please do contact them if you have questions about what they are planning.

“We’re always delighted to encourage comic-related activity and feel honoured our own ‘LICAF Fringe’ has begun!,” says Julie. “From ‘little acorns’…”

Check out the LICAF “Festival Fringe” Page
FESTIVAL DATES: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival returns to Bowness-on-Windermere 29th September to 1st October 2023
Buy your “Frankie Boyle and Josie Long Talk Comics” Festival Opening Night tickets here

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival – dal 29 settembre all’1O ottobre 2023 – è online su:
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Meet the Guests

Coming to Lakes International Comic Art Festival in partnership with Comic Art Europe

Comic Art Europe is supported by four organisations from across the continent – Lyon BD, the Lakes International Comic Art FestivalEscola Joso, Centre de Còmic i Arts Visuals and Centre Belge de la Bande-Dessinée (the Belgium Comic Strip Centre) – with the support of the European Union program “Creative Europe”

• For more information about the work and plans of Comic Art Europe, visit | Find Comic Art Europe on Facebook

British comic creator James Albon

James Albon is an award-winning illustrator and writer based in Edinburgh. He studied illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, and went on to a postgraduate scholarship at the Royal Drawing School in London.

As well as having written several graphic novels, including A Shining Beacon (2018) and The Delicacy (2021), he has illustrated books by Mark Twain and John Steinbeck for the Folio Society, produced editorial illustrations for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and Libération, and has received awards from the V&A Museum, American Illustration, and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

Love Languages, supported by Comic Art Europe, is his fourth graphic novel.

Silvia L. Ballart

Silvia L. Ballart is a Spanish comic artist, script writer and illustrator. From 2016 to 2021 she attended Escola Joso in Barcelona to study Graphic Art. There she was educated in a diversity of areas such as script writing, drawing and narrative, among others. It was then when she discovered her love of comic books and comic-making. It led her to become one of the five winners of the second Comic Art Europe Open Call with her project, The Hermit.

She is currently working as a teacher, and in the process of publishing her first book.

Bernard Hage,

Bernard Hage, commonly known as “The Art of Boo”, is an illustrator and cartoonist who struggled with writing his own biography while referring to himself in the third person.

He was born by accident and grew up in a small and boring town, which had no electricity, infrastructure, or girls. Bernard received his education at an accessible private school, where highly experienced tutors greatly contributed to corrupting his sense of creativity.

During his early years, he succeeded in getting himself into undesirable situations, which helped nurture his childhood traumas, and was credited by renowned bullies for always being in the wrong place at the right time. He also succeeded in getting friend-zoned countless of times and has been hailed as a “brilliant listener”.

Bernard chose a career in advertising that eradicated his ethics and social life simultaneously, so he quit his job in 2012. After surviving a profound existential crisis, he hosted his first solo exhibition, Undressed – Society’s Reflection in Its Brands at Artlab gallery, Beirut, in 2014. He then launched his first book of illustrated short stories and an original music soundtrack titled In the Dead of Night – Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups in 2017. His father missed both events.

His recent book, Anatomy of A Hummus Plate, published in April 2021, is a compilation of social and political cartoons that documents Lebanon’s economic and political collapse. Launched in Beirut, the book received disappointing reviews, most of which originated from furious vegans who were misled by the title and thought the content was no laughing matter.

In his spare time, Bernard composes music on his piano, labeled as “neo-experimental-medium-rare-Indie” by his intellectual middle-aged divorced neighbor, with whom Bernard agrees.

Recently, his music became more appreciated among the other neighbours, as it turned out it drives burglars and bandits away. His records are mostly played on weekends, in lieu of a security system when the neighbours leave for their mountain retreat.

Bernard is known best for his cartoons. He’s published weekly with L’Orient Le Jour since 2018, the French language Lebanese daily that offered him a very large amount of exposure in return for his hard work.

His work has been hailed by regional and international media, popular blogs and his mother.

Currently, Bernard resides in Berlin, where he pursues his dream of becoming a young millionaire by introducing sense of humour to the local community.

Štěpánka Jislová

Štěpánka Jislová (1992) is a Czech comics author and illustrator. She has completed eight graphic novels so far, ranging from ironic superhero dystopias like this year’s SUPRO (Crew publishing) to personal autobiographical testimonies, like Hairless or Matter of Heart (both released by Paseka publishing). She is the co-founder of Komiksodějky, the Czech branch of Laydeez do Comics.

During the short instances when comics lets her out of its grasp, she does yoga, hikes and dreams of living in the woods.

Eva Pavlič

Eva Pavlič first developed an interest in making comics during her studies in  architecture and urbanism. She earned a Master Degree in Architectural Engineering from The University of Ljubljana and a Master Degree in Art from the Royal Danish Academy of Art and Architecture in Copenhagen. While making the Master Thesis for the former, Pavlič wanted to

challenge the traditional forms of architectural representation and test the ways a comic book format can investigate the relationship between body, building and the space in between.

Through her work she wishes to continue blending the boundaries between the technical, empirical and epic in an attempt to better understand and communicate on the way we  experience our built environment.

Festival Fringe: David Gaffney

David Gaffney

David Gaffney is the author of the novels Never Never (2008), All The Places I’ve Ever Lived (2017) and Out Of The Dark (2021).

He’s also the author of the flash fiction and short story collections Sawn-Off Tales (2006), Aromabingo (2007), The Half-Life of Songs (2010) and More Sawn-Off Tales (2013). He has also published two graphic novels with Dan Berry – The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head (2018) and Rivers (2021) – and is working on a third.

He has just published a chapbook, The Country Pub, with Nightjar Press, and this year publishes a new short story collection with Salt Publishing, Concrete Fields, and a pamphlet, Whale, with Osmosis Press.

Per i redattori e i sostenitori

I seguenti testi sono informazioni di base sul Lakes International Comic Art Festival che potresti trovare utili per altri articoli per la tua testata giornalistica sulla nostra organizzazione. Li includiamo in ogni comunicato stampa a scopo informativo e per ringraziare i nostri numerosi finanziatori e principali sostenitori.

The77 Publications’ Pandora anthology
The77 Publications’ Pandora anthology

Festival Guests in 2023

LICAF 2023 – l’elenco degli ospiti include:

Charlie Adlard, James Albon, Mehdi Annassi, aka Machima, Silvia L. Ballart, Frankie Boyle, Gigi Cavenago, Gustavo Duarte, Hunt Emerson, David Gaffney, Gerhard, Lina Ghaibeh, Bernard Hage (The Art of Boo), Peter Hogan, Stephen L. Holland, Jad (George Khoury), Štěpánka Jislová, Mai Koraiem, Michael Lark, Lucie Lomová, Josie Long, Dave McKean, Fouad Mezher, Bill Morrison, Seif Eddine Nechi, Steve and Annie Parkhouse, Eva Pavlič, Sean Phillips, Tom Richmond, Marek Rubec, Mohamed Salah, Václav Šlajch, Rachael Smith and “Awkward Yeti” creator Nick Sulek – con molti altri da annunciare.

Lakeview Comics Marketplace Exhibitors 2023

Gli espositori nella Lakeview Market place sono:

Quest’anno abbiamo oltre 90 creatori, editori e illustratori di fumetti nel nostro Lakeview Comics Marketplace.

Creators include: Chris Askham, Yomi Ayeni, Sayra Begum, Clark Bint, Tim Bird, Lewis Campbell, Jon Davis, Pete Doree, Phil Elliott, Emma Evans, Ed Firth, Simon Furman, Steven Fraser, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Jessika Green, Lyndsey Green, Katie Handley, Isabel Hatherall, Jack Harvey, Luke Hyde, Jenika Ioffreda, Owen Michael Johnson, Roger Langridge, Joe Latham, Russell Mark Olson, Shaun Martland, Drew Marr,

Chris Mole, Alex Moore, Beatrice Mossman, Nigel Parkinson, Markus Pattern, Mollie Ray, Reabault, Emma Reynolds, Schnumn, Paul Shinn, Martin Simpson, Matt Simmons, Zara Slattery, Cam Smith, Matt Smith, Rachael Smith, Lucy Sullivan, Kev F Sutherland, David Taylor, Tom Ward, Kevin Wells, Lyndon White, Kate-Mia White, Steve White, Dan Whitehead, Andrew Wildman, Manon Wright & Tal Brosh

Independent Publishers, and other Exhibitors include: 1826, 77 Publishing, After the Robot Apocalypse, Art-Bubble, B7 Comics, The Cartoon Museum, Catfood Comics, Centrala, CoCo Comics, Colossive Press, Comics Youth CIC, Conundrum Press, Doctor Geof, Drawn Strip, Fanfare UK, First Graphic Novel Competition, Foxhat, Galaxia Prince, I&M Illustration, Indie Novella, Iqbal A. Comics, Kaarinart, Kannter Art,

Knockabout Comics, LDComics, Meraki Comics, MoonSquid INK, Nevercity Creations, Nona Gallery, Parable Games, Peak Hare Collective, The Pig Patch, Power Comics Studios, RAWHEAD, Scratch Comics, Sector 13 Comics, SelfMadeHero and Sloth Comics

Festival artwork by Mohamed Salah
Festival artwork by Mohamed Salah

About The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is the only one of its kind in the UK, centred on events and comics projects brought to you from one of the country’s most beautiful areas – the English Lake District, in the market town of Kendal. Modelled on European-style festivals, such as Angoulême in France, the annual Festival usually takes over the whole town for a weekend of comic art every October.

The Festival’s aim is to celebrate the whole spectrum of comic art, inspiring existing comic art fans and creators and, it hopes, generating new audiences and creators too. It invests in creators through a commissioning programme and has an emphasis on developing international collaborations.

The Patrons of the Festival are comic creators Yomi Ayeni, Kate Charlesworth, Comics Laureate Stephen L. Holland, Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Zoom Rockman and Michael e Keli Lark.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. It is supported by Cumbria County Council, Lake District National Park Authority, South Lakeland District Council and Kendal Town Council

Our main sponsor is Lancaster University and main partners are Kendal College, the Windermere Jetty Museum, the Old Laundry Theatre, NCS, Lakeview Bar and Grill and Baha

We are also supported by The British Council, The Czech Literary Centre, The Finnish Institute in London, Institut Francais, the Italian Cultural Institute, and the National Cartoonists Society, and other international partnerships

We also receive support from publishers David Fickling Comics, publishers of The Phoenix comic, Fanfare Press and Knockabout Press

Thanks also to our generous donors: Charlie Adlard, Lynette Adlard, Graham Dury, Peter Kessler, Bryan Talbot, Sean Phillips and Simon Thorp.

• The Lakes International Comic Art Festival – dal 29 settembre all’1O ottobre 2023 – è online su:
Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast: 
Twitter: @comicartfestpod
Facebook: @ComicArtPodcast
Instagram: @ComicArtPodcast
Virtual Comics Clock Tower:

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Per saperne di più sul LICAF,

vi consigliamo di leggere questo articolo scritto da Damiano Gallinaro, Cesare Giombetti e William Ceraolo, i tre soci di Fumettomania che hanno partecipato l’anno scorso alla decima edizione del LICAF, che ci hanno raccontato in un’unico articolo le cose belle avvenute nei tre giorni del festival inglese.


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