Anche quest’anno “Fumettomania Factory – APS” sarà supporter del Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Da oggi, dunque, fino ad ottobre pubblicheremo, direttamente in inglese (e con qualche traduzione in italiano) le news dell’edizione 2022 del Festival dei laghi, che ci arriveranno da John Freeman, da Julie Tait, da Carole Tait, per diffonderlo anche in Italia.

Aggiungo solo una cosa , rispetto, a quanto troverete nell’articolo e nel sito del LICAF: “è un posto meraviglioso andateci sia per il festival, sia per visitare i laghi e la regione, non ve ne pentirete!”

Mario Benenati, curatore di Fumettomania Web Magazine

poster LICAF 2022

Lakes International Comic Art Festival announces first guests for October weekend in Bowness

Thursday 10th February 2022:

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is pleased to announce the first guests for its weekend-long Festival, taking place this year in Bowness-on-Windermere (Friday 14th – Sunday 16th October 2022) – and reveal this year’s Festival promotional art, by Sean Phillips.

(Il Lakes International Comic Art Festival è lieto di annunciare i primi ospiti per il suo festival che si terrà quest’anno a Bowness-on-Windermere (nel fine settimana tra venerdì 14 e domenica 16 ottobre 2022) – e di rivelare l’immagine promozionale del Festival di quest’anno, a cura di Sean Phillips.)

The first guests to be announced are Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Michael Lark (Lazarus), Bill Morrison (The Beatles – Yellow SubmarineMAD), Rebecca Ollerton (author of Lavender Clouds, organiser of and author of SENSORY: Life on the Spectrum), Mike Perkins (Swamp ThingX-Men), Guardian cartoonist Posy SimmondsGreg Rucka (LazarusBlack Magick), Katie Skelly (Maids) writer Ram V (Blue in GreenSwamp Thing) and Egyptian duo, Twins Cartoon, the pen name of the Egyptian twin brothers duo Haitham and Mohamed Raafat El-seht, who work together as comic book artists and cultural managers.

“I was bitterly disappointed to be unable to attend the Lakes Festival last year, and I swore up and down then that I’d make it this year,” says writer Greg Rucka. “And I will! Pandemics be damned! Impending collapse of civilisation, nuts to that! I’m gonna be there, and someone better buy me whisky! Okay, that last part not so much, but the rest? Absolutely — both Michael Lark and I are eagerly looking forward to it!”

“This will be the first time I’m attending the Lakes Festival and from what I’ve heard, and been told, I’m expecting a wonderful, friendly experience,” says artist Mike Perkins. “I’ve only just recently returned to this side of the pond after 20 years in the States, so it’ll be a new experience for some of the British fans to get their Captain Americas, Lois Lanes, The Stands and The Swamp Things – as well as numerous others – signed by myself. I’m eagerly looking forward to it.”

“We’re thrilled with our line-up of guests,” enthuses Festival Director Julie Tait, “and some of the events and happenings around the weekend we’re planning are very exciting, too. They reflect the opportunities moving to Bowness offers, as we ‘regenerate’ our programme.

(“Siamo entusiasti della nostra formazione di ospiti“, afferma con entusiasmo il Direttore del Festival Julie Tait, “e anche alcuni degli eventi e degli incontri, durante il fine settimana che stiamo pianificando, sono molto eccitanti. Riflettono le opportunità che lo spostamento Bowness offrono, mentre “riformuliamo e rivediamo” il nostro programma.)

“The move seems to have caught the attention of comic creators across Britain, too, she adds. “There has been huge interest from artists and publishers who want to be involved in our new look ‘Lakeview Comics Marketplace’ – and there’s still time to apply.”

(To find out more about exhibitor opportunities, please contact

 Bowness-on-Windermere_veduta dall'alto

Per gli editori

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LICAF 2022 – Festival Guests


Jaime Hernandez

As a young aimless Latino punk rocker, Jaime Hernandez, along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario, self-published the first issue of Love and Rockets in 1981. It was picked up by Fantagraphics Books in 1982 and ran 50 issues before the brothers took a break to pursue solo projects. Jaime’s titles included Whoa, Nellie!Maggie and Hopey Color Fun and Penny Century.

Love and Rockets was revived in 2000 and still continues today. Outside of Love and Rockets, Jaime has also done other comic work, magazine illustration and album covers. He lives in Los Angeles.

Jaime Hernandez

Michael Lark is the artist and co-creator of Lazarus and Lazarus: Risen from Image Comics. In his nearly thirty years in the comics industry, he has drawn many of the most iconic characters in the medium, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Batman, Superman, and many others.

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison has spent his career as an artist and writer working with the most iconic characters in popular culture. He began his career painting movie posters, including many for Walt Disney, such as The Little MermaidBambi, and The Jungle Book.

Bill has also spent several years drawing The Simpsons, for all kinds of merchandise, and writing, drawing and editing The Simpsons and Futurama comics for Bongo Comics. He was also Art Director on the Futurama TV series. More recently, Morrison created a graphic novel adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, and was Executive Editor of MAD Magazine.

Rebecca Ollerton

Rebecca Ollerton creates introspective comics about mental health, neurodiversity and the general struggles of being a human being in an overwhelming world.

She is known for telling stories that convey an emotional truth and her aim is to raise awareness of anxiety, depression, abuse, PTSD and neurodiversity through her work. When she’s not drawing or writing, she enjoys playing piano and taking care of far too many house plants. You can find her work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under the handle, Schnumn.

Mike Perkins

Mike Perkins is a comic book illustrator having worked on Captain AmericaThor and Spider-Man. After wrapping up the 31-issue adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, he transitioned into illustrating Astonishing X-Men and has since successfully re-launched DeathlokCarnage and Iron Fist.

He has recently transitioned to DC comics where he has depicted the adventures of the Green Lanterns, collaborated with Greg Rucka on Lois Lane and, most recently, launched The Swamp Thing with Ram V. Mike has been nominated numerous times for Eisner and Harvey Awards and, as well as winning the Eagle Award, counts being on the New York Times Bestseller list and being exhibited in Munich, London and Paris amongst his career achievements.

Sean Phillips

Drawing comics professionally since the age of fifteen, Eisner Award winning Sean Phillips, who lives in the Lakes, has worked for all the major publishers.

Since drawing SleeperHellblazerBatmanX-MenMarvel Zombies, and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Sean has concentrated on creator-owned books including CriminalKill Or Be KilledIncognitoFataleThe Fade OutPulp and the Reckless series.

Ram V

Ram V is a London-based award-winning author and creator of comics and graphic novels such as Grafity’s WallThese Savage ShoresThe Many Deaths of Laila Starr, and the Eisner Award-winning Blue in Green. Since publishing his first book in 2016, Ram’s work has gone on to garner critical and popular success, winning multiple awards.

Apart from creating original work, Ram has also written for iconic characters, and titles such as Swamp ThingJustice League DarkCatwoman and Venom at DC Comics and Marvel.

Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka is the bestselling and multi-award-winning author of dozens of novels, thousands of comics, and at least one motion picture. His career has allowed him to put words in the mouths of almost every major pop-culture character, from Han Solo to Wonder Woman, and his creator-owned books have earned critical and commercial acclaim.

He is the co-creator of Lazarus and Lazarus: Risen with Michael Lark; Black Magick with Nicola Scott; and The Old Guard with Leandro Fernandez, all published by Image Comics. His series, Stumptown, with Justin Greenwood was turned into an (unfortunately) short-lived television show starring Cobie Smulders, and The Old Guard was released on Netflix in 2020, starring Charlize Theron as Andromache “Andy” the Scythian. He lives, writes, and sleeps in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, writer Jennifer Van Meter.

Posy Simmonds

Posy Simmonds was born in 1945 and grew up in Berkshire. In a career spanning over 50 years, she is best known for the strip cartoons and serials that were published in The Guardian and the books that derive from them. These include Mrs Weber’s Diary (1979), True Love (1981), Literary Life Revisited (2016) and the graphic novels, Gemma Bovery (1999) and Tamara Drewe (2006).

Both graphic novels have been made into feature films – Tamara Drewe, directed by Stephen Frears in 2010, and Gemma Bovery, directed by Anne Fontaine, in 2014. She has also written and illustrated several children’s books, including Fred, which became an Oscar-nominated film.

The award-nominated Cassandra Darke, her latest graphic novel, was first released in 2018.

Katie Skelly

Katie Skelly is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her comics work includes the graphic novels MaidsMy Pretty VampireThe AgencyTwisted Romance, and Nurse Nurse. In 2021 she edited Queen of the Ring: Wrestling Drawings by Jaime Hernandez.

She co-hosts the comics podcast Thick Lines with Sally Madden, and is a regular contributor to The Comics Journal.

She was awarded the Emerging Artist prize at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus in 2015.

Twins Cartoon

Twins Cartoon is the pen name of the Egyptian twin brothers duo Haitham and Mohamed Raafat El-seht, working together as comic book artists and cultural managers. They grew up reading comic books and studied together in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Animation Department, Minia University, in Upper Egypt.

Since graduating in 2008, Haitham and Mohamed, who work best as a team, have been teaching the art of comics in workshops and festivals around Egypt and abroad. Inspired by the cosmopolitan city of Cairo as a place holding a rich visual identity, culture, and different urban spaces, they drew their own artistic path trying to adapt with this strong unifying culture that coexists with super cultures, subcultures.

In recent decades, as independent artists and cultural actors, they have noticed the birth of a new generation of young artists who have great potential but were being limited by the censorship and the strict and sometimes harsh regulations of the visual art market (especially Comics) in the Arab world where comics were underestimated as a form of expression. So, in 2014, they addressed the need to form a tight knit cultural and artistic initiative which has initiated partnerships with individuals and organisations.

The Kawkab Elrasameen initiative has grown into a big community of nearly 2000 active members, free for independent young artists. It seeks to try to help them by holding artistic gatherings, indoor and outdoor, in the streets of Egypt and various places around the world, holding visual art and comics workshops between advanced, underground, and amateur artists.

The brothers are also co-founders of Cairo Comix International Festival, and are the driving forces behind Garage Comics Magazine. In 2015, this was a newcomer to the Arab comics scene. It is considered vitally important that the artists and the writers of the Garage collective have total creative freedom – not only for their own benefit, but to challenge the Egyptian and Arab public to take a new perspective on issues of the day.

The brothers have been honoured at the Mahmoud Kahil Awards through Mu’taz and the Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative (Beirut, Lebanon), and by the Cairo Comix International Festival, as the patrons of comics in the Arab region, in March 2017.

Their powerful story “Hudhud Al-Ghosn”, about the Nubian people in Egypt in the 1960s, was awarded as “Best Graphic Novel” at the Mahmoud Kahil Awards through Mu’taz and Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative (Beirut, Lebanon) in March 2019.

LICAF 2022 – Announced Plans

 vista del lago Bowness-on-Windermere

The 2022 programme of comic art activity will include:

• A series of pilot projects exploring how comics can improve literacy, health and wellbeing

• An ongoing programme of creating online resources to introduce teachers to comics and showcase how to use them in the classroom

• Using the comics medium to explore mental health and promoting resources to secondary school students in conjunction with Lancaster University

• Forming long-term relationships with Special Schools across the UK, to explore the positive impact of comics in the school environment

• Supporting the UK Comics Laureate to promote the transformational power of comics to educators, librarians and policy makers, as well as the young people directly

• Working with the neurodiverse community and specifically those on the autistic spectrum and undertaking research with the University of Cambridge with a new Autism Comics & Cartooning Project

• Supporting independent creators through the Virtual Comics Clock Tower online marketplace and providing professional development opportunities through a webinars programme, exploring topics such as crowdfunding, pitching to publishers and fundraising

• Providing a range of opportunities for year-round artist residencies and cultural exchanges in the UK and internationally, through programmes such as Comic Art Europe

• Exploring and celebrating how comics intersect with new and emerging art forms including digital art, animation, film, gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality – this will result in new partnerships with international creators at the forefront of new technologies

• Continuing to offer an annual Festival programme in October that features a wide range of British and international guests with the eye on the eclectic, exciting and entertaining, alongside workshops for aspiring creators, children’s events through “Little LICAF” and much more

The Festival is also commissioning new comic work in collaboration with the Lake District National Park Authority to bring comic art experiences to family audiences within an outdoor environment.

The climate crisis, flood risk and sustainability will continue as themes throughout 2022 with new comic artwork being commissioned, alongside the further development of our ‘10 Years to Save the World’ project and website.

The Festival’s international partnerships continue to flourish with projects underway with the Finnish Institute, the Belgian EmbassyQuebec BD Festival, the French Institute, the Czech Literary Centre, the Italian Institute, the Philippines Comic Art FestivalLyon BD FestivalBeirut Comic Art Festival, the Bilili BD Festival (the Congo) and NCSFest (USA).

The full programme for 2022 along with details of the 10th Lakes International Comic Art Festival will be available in January 2022. This will include our initial guest announcements, and detailed visitor and transport information for Bowness-on-Windermere, which is only a 20 minute rail journey from the mainline Oxenholme Lake District station. The Festival is also working to ensure local Festival weekend transport availability, such as shuttle buses between Kendal and Bowness.


Art by and © Charlie Adlard
Art by and © Charlie Adlard

Per i redattori e i sostenitori

I seguenti articoli sono informazioni di base sul Lakes International Comic Art Festival che potresti trovare utili per altri articoli per la tua testata giornalistica sulla nostra organizzazione. Li includiamo in ogni comunicato stampa a scopo informativo e per ringraziare i nostri numerosi finanziatori e principali sostenitori.

• The Lakes International Comic Art Festival – dal 14 al 16th October 2022 – è online su:
Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast: 
Twitter: @comicartfestpod
Facebook: @ComicArtPodcast
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Festival Guests in 2022

Announced guests for 2022 so far, in alphabetical order, are: Olivier Kugler, Bill Morrison, Rebecca Ollerton, Sean Phillips, Mike Perkins, Greg Rucka, Posy Simmonds and Twin Cartoons.

Profiles of all LICAF LIVE guests feature here on the official Festival web site

Comics Clock Tower Exhibitors 2021

Exhibitors included: 1826 Comic, Art-Bubble, B7 Media, Big Brown Eyes Collective, Bruno Stahl, Cast Iron Books, Catfood Comics, Cathy Brett, The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain, Centrala, Chris Askham, CoCo Comics, Colleen Douglas, Conundrum Press, Cutaway Comics, E Merlin Murray, the Etherington Brothers, Gold Lion Comics, Gustaffo Vargas, Hocus Pocus, Ian Sharman, Joe Latham, Kate Mia White, Kev F Sutherland, Knockabout, Lancaster University, Lewis Campbell, Madzines, Martin Simpson, Matt Simmons, Matt Smith! (Smith vs Smith), Mereida, Metaphrog, Mister Hope, Moonsquid Ink, Myriad Editions, Nona Gallery, Norm Konyu, Olivia Sullivan, Peter Morey, Pitteville Press, Roger Langridge, Ronny Worsey and Brian Gorman, Schnumn, SelfMadeHero, Soaring Penguin Press, Turnaround and Woodland Creatures.

Applications for comic creators, publishers and others are still open for exhibitors to feature in their Lakeview Comics Marketplace at the 10th Lakes International Comic Art Festival. If you would like to exhibit at this year’s Festival, please complete the application form available on the official LICAF web site and return it to to arrive no later than 5.00pm on Friday 25th February 2022

(Le domande per creatori di fumetti, editori e altri sono ancora aperte per gli espositori da presentare nel loro Lakeview Comics Marketplace al 10th Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Se desideri esporre al Festival di quest’anno, compila il modulo di iscrizione disponibile sul sito web ufficiale della LICAF e rispediscilo a entro e non oltre le 17:00 di venerdì 25 febbraio 2022)

About Us

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is the only one of its kind in the UK, centred on events and comics projects brought to you from one of the country’s most beautiful areas – the English Lake District, in the market town of Kendal. Modelled on European-style festivals, such as Angoulême in France, the annual Festival usually takes over the whole town for a weekend of comic art every October.

The Festival’s aim is to celebrate the whole spectrum of comic art, inspiring existing comic art fans and creators and, it hopes, generating new audiences and creators too. It invests in creators through a commissioning programme and has an emphasis on developing international collaborations.

The Patrons of the Festival are comic creators Yomi Ayeni, Kate Charlesworth, Comics Laureate Stephen L. Holland, Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot and Zoom Rockman.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. It is supported by Cumbria County Council, Lake District National Park Authority, South Lakeland District Council and Kendal Town Council

Our main sponsor is Lancaster University and main partners are Kendal College, the Windermere Jetty Museum, the Old Laundry Theatre, NCS, Lakeview Bar and Grill and Baha

We are also supported by The British Council, The Czech Literary Centre, The Finnish Institute in London, Institut Francais, the Italian Cultural Institute, and the National Cartoonists Society, and other international partnerships

We also receive support from publishers David Fickling Comics, publishers of The Phoenix comic, Fanfare Press and Knockabout Press

Thanks also to our generous donors: Charlie Adlard, Lynette Adlard, Graham Dury, Peter Kessler, Bryan Talbot, Sean Phillips and Simon Thorp.


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