Anche quest’anno Fumettomania Factory -APS, realtà di promozione sociale e culturale italiana con sede in Sicilia, è supporter del Lakes International Comic Art Festival che dall”anno scorso si svolge a Bowness-on-Windermere (location a soli 20 minuti viaggio in treno dalla stazione principale di Oxenholme Lake District).

La VIP Brands Ltd. è lieta di annunciare i Sophie Castille Awards for Comics in Translation. Il premio inaugurale sarà presentato in collaborazione con Comica e il Lakes International Comic Art Festival, in occasione del loro evento annuale questo autunno (venerdì 29 settembre – domenica 1 ottobre).

Questi premi sono stati creati in onore di Sophie Castille, direttore dei diritti internazionali e vicepresidente delle licenze per Mediatoon, cofondatrice e direttrice di Europe Comics, scomparsa improvvisamente lo scorso anno. Dalla fine degli anni ’90, Sophie ha costruito ponti per bandes dessinées e i loro autori, fuori dalla Francia e in tutto il mondo. È stata una fonte costante di creatività, motivando gli editori di tutto il mondo e incoraggiandoli a scambiare idee e, di conseguenza, è diventata una figura chiave nella crescita della traduzione di fumetti e graphic novel in tutto il mondo.
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Mario Benenati, Presidente “Fumettomania Factory – APS”

Nota bene: Aggiungo solo una cosa , rispetto, alle informazioni che troverete nel sito del LICAF: la location dove si terrà il festival “è un posto meraviglioso, andateci sia per il festival, sia per visitare i laghi e la Regione, non ve ne pentirete!”

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Sophie Castille Prize for Comics in Translation

Bowness-on-Windermere, 1st March 2023: 

VIP Brands Ltd. is delighted to announce the Sophie Castille Awards for Comics in Translation. The inaugural award will be presented in partnership with Comica and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, at their annual event this autumn (Friday 29th September – Sunday 1st October).

The Sophie Castille Awards for Comics in Translation are for the best translation of graphic novels into a variety of languages around the world. This inaugural award will be for the best translation of a non-English graphic novel into English.

These awards have been created in honour of Sophie Castille, international rights director and V. P. of licensing for Mediatoon, cofounder and director of Europe Comics, who died unexpectedly last year. Since the late 1990s, Sophie built bridges for bandes dessinées and their authors, out of France and around the world. She was a constant source of creativity, motivating publishers from throughout the world and encouraging them to exchange ideasand, as a result, became a key figure in the growth of translation of comics and graphic novels around the world.

Italian version: I Sophie Castille Awards for Comics in Translation sono per la migliore traduzione di graphic novel in una varietà di lingue in tutto il mondo. Questo premio inaugurale sarà per la migliore traduzione in inglese di una graphic novel non inglese.

Questi premi sono stati creati in onore di Sophie Castille, direttore dei diritti internazionali e vicepresidente delle licenze per Mediatoon, cofondatrice e direttrice di Europe Comics, scomparsa improvvisamente lo scorso anno. Dalla fine degli anni ’90, Sophie ha costruito ponti per bandes dessinées e i loro autori, fuori dalla Francia e in tutto il mondo. È stata una fonte costante di creatività, motivando gli editori di tutto il mondo e incoraggiandoli a scambiare idee e, di conseguenza, è diventata una figura chiave nella crescita della traduzione di fumetti e graphic novel in tutto il mondo.

Publishers around the world are being invited to submit for consideration graphic novels they have published that are translations of works into English. The jury will be comprised of three judges: Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons, Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library; comic creator and former British Comics Laurate, Charlie Adlard, who has been an advocate for the translation of world comics into English for many years; and former TV producer, Peter Kessler MBE, Chair of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Comics and graphic novels, considered in France as The Ninth Art, are a diverse and dynamic international medium that are growing in popularity every year and are loved the world over. Spreading these works internationally through translation is a way to bring the world together.

With comics in translation becoming an important influence in the publishing world, VIP Brands ltd, Comica and LICAF have decided to honour Sophie’s memory and continue her work to promote comics in translation around the world with these new Awards.

This first year, the award will be for a comic translated from any language into English, the award will be given to the translator of the work. We are hoping to widen the scope of these awards and have partners all over the world so that there will beSophie Castille Awards for many languages.

Sophie’s partner, Dirk Rehm, welcomes the founding of these Awards with:

“Awards for excellence in comic translation are more than overdue. And it is only logical that these awards are named after Sophie Castille who loved comics – and even more, the idea of the exchange of cultures. In her role as Director of International Rights for Dargaud, Dupuis and Lombard, she was an ambassador for comics – making sure the whole world would get to know the treasures of the French and Belgian bandes dessinées”.

“This is a brilliant initiative” enthuses comic creator Charlie Adlard, who is perhaps best known for his work on The Walking Dead, but who has championed comics as a medium for over 30 years.“There are so many strips first published in a foreign language that wouldn’t have been a success in the United States or Britain without standout translation work.”

“Take Asterix, for example,” agrees Julie Tait, Director of LICAF. “When some Asterixstories, including the first story, were originally published in comics like Valiant and Rangerin Britain in the 1960s, the translation had none of the sparkle that Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge gave the series later, and made the English editions such a success.Good translation deserves wider recognition.”

“I have talked of this idea for years, having global awards for comics in translation to encourage acquisition and translation of graphic novels. I spoke to Sophie about it several times and she encouraged me to do it. I wish very much she were here to see this happen, as if it were not for her, I would never have had the courage to go through with it. Sophie, here’s to you.” commented Ivanka Hahnenberger, Founder and General Manager of VIP Brands Ltd.

The inaugural prize will be awarded at the Lakes International Festival in Bowness-on -Windermere in October 2023.

foto di Sophie Castille

Award Background

Sophie Castille was international rights director and V.P. of Licensing for Mediatoon, Cofounder and Director of Europe Comics, and a key figure in the growth of European graphic novels in North America and around the world. She died unexpectedly in July 2022, aged 52.

Born in Caen, Normandy, she studied in Italy before working in foreign rights for Dargaud in the mid-1990s. She was the cofounder of Europe Comics, a consortium of 13 European comics publishers launched in 2015. Her work at Europe Comics was instrumental in the growth in popularity of European comics in English and the development of the US graphic novel market.

Sophie loved and lived the idea of a united Europe. She was at home in Milan, in Paris, on La Réunion and in Berlin. For more than 25 years of her professional life, she was a constant source of creativity, motivating publishers from all over the world and encouraging them to exchange ideas.

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VIP Brands Ltd. aims to expand graphic novel horizons, offering rights representation for comics and graphic novel publishers as well as consulting services in setting up events and initiatives to encourage new ways to promote comics and graphic novels around the world.
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Karen Green is Curator for Comics and Cartoons at Columbia University. Since 2005 she has been instrumental in building a comics collection and archive that now includes the original art and papers of Chris Claremont, Al Jaffee, Howard Cruse, S. Clay Wilson, Wendy and Richard Pini, and Kitchen Sink Press, among others. Karen is highly active and visible at comics conferences and conventions, has been a judge for the Eisner Awards and Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Cartooning, and she co-produced the documentary She Makes Comics (2024).
She has also organised and hosted numerous online and in-person conversations with comics creators. In 2017, Nick Sousanis created the Eisner-winning “A Life in Comics: The Graphic Adventures of Karen Green” for Columbia Magazine.
Instagram: @klgreennyc | Twitter: @klg19
Charlie Adlard has been a “veteran” of the comic industry for over 25 years. He’s spent the majority ofhis time since 2003 working on The Walking Dead, which finished in 2019, and has received many industry awards for his work on the series culminating in winning the Sergio AragonésInternational Award for Excellence in Comic Art in 2019.

In his time as a comic creator, he has worked on many other projects as far reaching as Mars AttacksThe X-Files, Judge Dredd, Savage, Batman, X-Men, Superman etc and creator-owned projects closer to his heart like Astronauts In TroubleDamn Them All, Breath Of The WendigoCodefleshRock BottomVampire State Building, and White Death, and the soon-to-be-released Altamont.
Web: | Facebook: CharlieAdlard | Twitter: @CharlieAdlard/
Peter Kessler MBE is the Chairman of the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. He reads comics and graphic novels incessantly and is the author of The Complete Guide to Asterix. He is a BAFTA award winning TV Producer. He has also worked as an English teacher and is the founder of a primary school in London. He was awarded an MBE for services to education.
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Twenty years ago this year, John Harris Dunning and Paul Gravett co-founded COMICA, the London Comics Festival, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, or ICA. To mark this anniversary, COMICA is coming back to offer a season of early evening events through March at the stunning Century Club, Soho on Shaftesbury Avenue, in association with VIP Brands and The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Some of today’s key creatives will reveal their influences, ideas, techniques and latest projects.

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Il Lakes International Comic Art Festival torna a Bowness-on-Windermere dal 29 settembre al 1 ottobre 2023 – è online su: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Lakes Arts Festivals, che gestisce LICAF, ha anche in programma di svolgere attività di fumetti in molte altre città e paesi in tutto il Regno Unito, tra cui Kendal, insieme a un vasto programma internazionale.

About Us

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is the only one of its kind in the UK, centred on events and comics projects brought to you from one of the country’s most beautiful areas – the English Lake District, in the market town of Kendal. Modelled on European-style festivals, such as Angoulême in France, the annual Festival usually takes over the whole town for a weekend of comic art every October.

The Festival’s aim is to celebrate the whole spectrum of comic art, inspiring existing comic art fans and creators and, it hopes, generating new audiences and creators too. It invests in creators through a commissioning programme and has an emphasis on developing international collaborations.

The Patrons of the Festival are comic creators Yomi Ayeni, Kate Charlesworth, Comics Laureate Stephen L. Holland, Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Zoom Rockman and Michael e Keli Lark.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. It is supported by Cumbria County Council, Lake District National Park Authority, South Lakeland District Council and Kendal Town Council

Our main sponsor is Lancaster University and main partners are Kendal College, the Windermere Jetty Museum, the Old Laundry Theatre, NCS, Lakeview Bar and Grill and Baha

We are also supported by The British Council, The Czech Literary Centre, The Finnish Institute in London, Institut Francais, the Italian Cultural Institute, and the National Cartoonists Society, and other international partnerships

We also receive support from publishers David Fickling Comics, publishers of The Phoenix comic, Fanfare Press and Knockabout Press

Thanks also to our generous donors: Charlie Adlard, Lynette Adlard, Graham Dury, Peter Kessler, Bryan Talbot, Sean Phillips and Simon Thorp.


Per saperne di più sul LICAF,

vi consigliamo di leggere questo articolo scritto da Damiano Gallinaro, Cesare Giombetti e William Ceraolo, i tre soci di Fumettomania che hanno partecipato l’anno scorso alla decima edizione del LICAF, che ci hanno raccontato in un’unico articolo le cose belle avvenute nei tre giorni del festival inglese.

Per i redattori e i sostenitori

I seguenti articoli sono informazioni di base sul Lakes International Comic Art Festival che potresti trovare utili per altri articoli per la tua testata giornalistica sulla nostra organizzazione. Li includiamo in ogni comunicato stampa a scopo informativo e per ringraziare i nostri numerosi finanziatori e principali sostenitori.

Festival Guests and Exhibitors in 2022

LICAF 2022 l’elenco degli ospiti include:

Charlie Adlard, Dimitris Anastasiou, Mehdi Annassi, Lucie Arnoux, Bianca Bagnarelli, Alison Bechdel, Fred Campoy, Matthew Dooley, Ulla Donner, Oliver East, Karrie Fransman, Lina Ghabeih, Dave Gibbons, Paul Gravett, Kalle Hakkola, Jaime Hernandez, Eva Hilhorst, Bryan Hitch, Stephen L. Holland, Rian Hughes, Marc Jackson, Michael Lark, Leomacs, Marine des Mazery, Vojtěch Mašek, Joe McGarry, Luke McGarry,

Steve McGarry, Mick McMahon, Bill Morrison, Bex Ollerton, Dean Ormston, Jacob Phillips, JAD, Sean Phillips, Mike Perkins, Tim Pilcher, Ram V, Mollie Ray, Tom Richmond, Greg Rucka, Andrea Settimo, Katie Skelly, Posy Simmonds, Václav Šlajch, Fiona Stephenson, Maria Surducan, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Petteri Tikkanen, Jörg Tittel, Twin Cartoons, Judit Vanistandel, Asya Voitenko, and Andi Watson

Comics Clock Tower Exhibitors 2022

Gli espositori nella Lakeview Market place sono:

A&A Co., Amber Hsu, Art-Bubble, B7 Comics, Beatrice Mossman, Benjamin Dickson, Bryan Talbot, Bungaroosh, Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain, Catfood Comics, Clarice Tudor, Clark Bint, Comics Youth CIC, Coming Home – Re-Live, Drew Marr of Gold Lion Comics, Fanfare Presents, Gustaffo Vargas, ILYA GRAPHIC, J Webster Sharp, James Chapman, Joe Latham, Kate Mia White, Kev F Sutherland,

Knockabout Comics, Lyndon White, Markosia Enterprises, Martin Geraghty, Matt Smith! (Smith vs Smith), Myriad Editions, NCS Fest, Nick Brokenshire, Olivia Sullivan (ZEB.KO), Peter Morey Comics, Rachael Smith, Roger Langridge, Schnumn, SelfMadeHero, Sula Hancock, Teesside University, The 77 Publications, The Cartoon Museum, Tom Ward, Twins Cartoons, and Una

• The Lakes International Comic Art Festival – dal 14 al 16th October 2022 – è online su:
Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast: 
Twitter: @comicartfestpod
Facebook: @ComicArtPodcast
Instagram: @ComicArtPodcast
Virtual Comics Clock Tower:

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