The world of comics meets escaping populations –

– Raising funds for the emergency immigrants in the Sicilian Channel –



The project consists of a collective exhibition where comics authors and illustrators from all the world are invited to take part.

Each artist (comics author or illustrator) can send the Cultural Association “Fumettomania Factory” original illustration, the Schools of comics can make a short cartoon with a maximum length of 4 pages; illustration or comic story will have as its theme immigration, solidarity and hospitality of the people on the run, drawing where possible settings to Lampedusa and Sicily as the entire south-western coast of Sicily or even by using allegories, historical references (American Indians, redundancy, etc …) or parallels with the current issues.

All techniques are accepted: pencil drawings, Indian ink drawings, watercolours, oil illustrations etc.
Your works must have an A4 or maximum A3 size.

The time limit for sending the works is February 20th , 2014 (World Day of Social Law).

Each participant, within the given delivery date, can send his/her work in its original form (on paper) for the collective exhibition.
Also those artists who work in digital format can nonetheless take part to the project. In this case the Cultural Association “Fumettomania Factory” will care about the printing of their works on the finest paper in order to appraise their drawing.
Those artists who cannot realize original works can nonetheless offer a work pertinent with the subject of the project.
All Italian comics schools have been invited, and they have been asked for the realization  of a four pages short story concerning the subject of the project.

In any case, in addition to the shipping of the original work, the artist is asked to send by mail to associaz.fumettomania.factory@gmail.com the following information:

a) the file of the illustration or of the comics strip in JPG – 600 dpi format (should the size of the file be too big for an e-mail, the Association will provide information on the way to upload it online)
b) The indication of the physical size of the work
c)The title of the work and a possible tagline
d)The means/technique used in the work
e) any copyright notices

NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS: the work must be sent in Barcellona P.G. (Messina- Italy) at the address shown at the end, the cost shall be borne by the artist (shipping prepaid).
For international shipments, contact the association in advance Fumettomania Factory.

After the delivery of the works (20 February 2014) will be to frame all the works, and to organize a touring exhibition, starting from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina).
At a later stage we wish to shift to Palermo (with the cooperation of Scuola del Fumetto/Grafimated), Catania (with the cooperation of Marco Grasso from the Forum Fumettistico ZTN, who has already worked as superintendent in many exhibitions, and of Fondazione Marco Montalbano (Viagrande – CT) and other Italian cities that will answer to our project.

The association Fumettomania will work with all its resources to the sale of donated works.
In the event that certain of these works remained unsold remain at the disposal of the cultural association “Fumettomania Factory” which will have the
selling them later through art galleries, and other sales channels.
Even in the latter case the proceeds will be sent to the Mayor of Lampedusa.

All the works, as they will be delivered, will be pre-published on the blog “Il pozzo dell’isola felice” (which is the official space of the Cultural Association “Fumettomania Factory”), and in all the web spaces connected to Fumettomania and its partners.
The works could also be used for non-lucrative, beneficial purposes (as a catalogue and/or a special issue of the Pro-Zine Fumettomania)

The artists who are taking part to the project are asked to send their works to the following address:

Associazione culturale “Fumettomania Factory”
Vicolo Basilicò, 6
98051 – Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina)

Should you need any clarification please write to the project coordinators:

Mario Benenati (Manager and Founder of the Cultural Association) 
email:  associaz.fumettomania.factory@gmail.com 

Marco Grasso (Comics Forum ZTN, and superintendent  in comics exhibitions)
email: markfat@gmail.com

We can answer both in English and in Italian


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