Una breve recensione di un libro diventato un classico della fantascienza, a cura del nostro amico, socio e collaboratore D. A., che è anche un esperimento, è scritta infatti interamente in inglese. e non viene tradotta.
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cover del libro_Hitchhikers’ Guide to Galaxy

Hitchhikers’ Guide to Galaxy” is a book written by  Douglas Adams, one of the most influencing author of the past century who astonishingly contributed to Britannic Sci-Fi culture, working also for BBC series such as Doctor Who and stereophonic ironical serials.

The overwhelming success of his most notorious masterwork is now a Hollywood movie starring more than one actor of the red-carpet landscape.

Just to name a few Zooey Deschanel as Tricia McMillian and the outstanding Martin Freeman (best known for “The Hobbit” and James Watson in “Sherlock”) as Arthur Dent, the main character of the book, a humble, common human who find himself wandering across the galaxy with an improbable team after an alien species gets rid of the Earth in order to build an intergalactic highway.

Hitchhikers’ Guide to Galaxy_550x781_manifesto-film_

The movie

The movie is well-done and you’ll spend two hours in front of the screen without even noticing it and in the end it seems always too short: it’s easy to follow but remember that with an unbearable lightness it will deal with heavy topics like the meaning of life, the sense of our existence and how we treat our planet and all the tiny inhabitants that dwell it.

Don’t feel ashamed if sometimes you’ll find yourself puzzled in the middle of a scene without remembering what was happening just few sequences before because the use of non-sense is a typical technique of Adams to induce the effect of heavy lightness abovementioned.

Unfortunately, it has also defects which, in addition to cheap visual effects, are present in every movie inspired from a book: there is a good percentage of the story missing.

Compared to the book, the movie is so poor of details and important passages that just watching is equal to missing all the fun and the moral of the story.

In conclusion, I want to recommend this book but only if you previously had read the book!


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