In questi mesi che, stiamo lavorando per il progetto di Fumettomania “ANTHROPOCENE (… OVVERO POTREMMO SALVARE IL NOSTRO PIANETA)”, siamo molto attenti alle notizie, che ci giungono dall’Italia e all’estero, relative a progettualità e a fumetti aventi temi legati al nostro progetto oppure simili al nostro.

Oggi, grazie al blog, è la volta di questo volume inglese: “The Most Important Comic Book on Earth”, una collaborazione globale per il cambiamento planetario, con il lavoro di 300 creatori provenienti da tutto il mondo, del quale pubblichiamo in Anteprima europea “Selfless Giant” il fumetto di Andy Serkis, Danijel Zezelj, Bernardo Brice, che troverete in questa antologia.

Siamo tutti uniti per creare Storie per salvare il mondo“, afferma con entusiasmo il coordinatore del progetto ed editore Paul Goodenough, che, come abbiamo riportato in precedenza, ha riunito un’incredibile serie di talenti diversi per il libro, dai creatori di fumetti ai leader ambientalisti, artisti, autori, attori, registi, musicisti e altro ancora.

Inoltre, visto che sul blog dell’amico John Freeman (responsabile stampa del Lakes Festival di Kendal (UK) , è stato pubblicato il 6 luglio un secondo articolo avente per titolo “Andy Serkis’ Rewriting Extinction comic “Selfless Giant”revealed (Rivelato il fumetto di Andy Serkis “Selfless Giant”, per il progetto Rewriting Extinction) legato sempre a questo libro abbiamo deciso di unire i due preview.

Buona lettura, e ricordiamoci di salvare il nostro Pianeta ….

Mario Benenati,
ideatore dei progetti culturali di “Fumettomania Factory”

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Il nuovo logo di Fumettomania Factory per i 30 anni dell’Associazione culturale © Antonio Mancuso e Fumettomania Factory. Riproduzione autorizzata

" The Most Important Comic Book on Earth", volume disponibile per il pre-ordine

Two years in the making and crammed with a huge, entertaining and challenging variety of comic stories, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth is now available to pre-order, a global collaboration for planetary change, featuring the work of 300 creators from all over the world.

“We’ve all come together to create Stories to Save the World,” enthuses project co-ordinator and editor Paul Goodenough, who, as we previously reported, has assembled an incredible array of diverse talent for the book, spanning comic creators, leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, musicians and more.

The Most Important Comic Book On Earth offers “Stories to educate and inspire people for environmental change,” Paul explains, “but, mostly, to take the conversation out of the worthy and scary spheres and into popular culture.

“Our stories are silly, funny, heartbreaking, dramatic – they are everything except dull and factual!”

“Melody”, by Cara Delevingne, Eco Resolution, Kieron Gillen and Sean Phillips, “made with deep love and optimism”, dropped onto the official #RewritingExtinction web site, social media earlier this month, on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter
“Melody”, by Cara Delevingne, Eco Resolution, Kieron Gillen and Sean Phillips, “made with deep love and optimism”, dropped onto the official #RewritingExtinction web site, social media earlier this month, on InstagramFacebookLinkedInTikTok and Twitter

Featuring over 120 stories to save the world, on offer are inspirational tales from celebrity names such as Cara Delevingne, whose comic was released online as a teaser, attracting over ten million page views, and Andy Serkis, hilarious webcomics from War and Peas and Ricky Gervais, artworks by leading illustrators David Mack and Tula Lotay, calls to action from activists George Monbiot and Jane Goodall, and powerful stories by Brian Azzarello and Amy Chu.

Combined, the comics in this anthology will support projects and organisations fighting to save the planet – and, hopefully, Rewrite Extinction.

Sample art from just some of the strips comprising The Most Important Comic Book on Earth, featuring work by around 200 comic creators from around the world

Among the awesome line-up of talent that also includes Taika Waititi and Luisa Neubauer, experts like Chris PackhamSteve BackshallMalaika Vaz and Dave Goulson, comic creators like Charlie AdlardGarth Ennis, Glenn Fabry, Simon Furman, Kieron Gillen, Davey Jones, Jeff Lemire, Alan MooreSimon MyersBen OliverSean PhillipsChris RyallAlex Segura, Geoff Senior and Alicia Souza, web comic royalty like Jenny-Jinya and Safely Endangered, you’ll also find an all-new “Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan” one-page strip, written by myself, John Freeman, and drawn by Lew Stringer.

As author, like everyone else involved, I’m donating 100% of my royalties of this to species saving projects with Rewriting Extinction, an incredible fundraiser that aims to stop species going extinct.


Rewriting Extinction is a campaign to raise money and awareness for seven projects to tackle both the climate and the biodiversity crisis. These project are evidence-based, actionable, and ready to rollout in the next 12 months and will help stop species going extinct, once and for all.

The overarching plan comprises projects from Greenpeace, World Land Trust, Born Free, Re:wild, The Wildlife Trusts, Reserva and Rewilding Europe, and promotes simple, but powerful, actions we can all take.

Rewriting Extinction want to represent a moment in time when, collectively, we put species extinction and biodiversity to the top of all our agendas. All the projects they are aiming to fund offer permanent solutions that can start right now… within the 12 months the campaign will run.

It’s project that not only promotes great environmental causes, but is being enhanced by comics, too – and I hope you are by now suitably encouraged to pre-order a copy of The Most Important Comic Book on Earth!

If you are able, please also donate to support the various projects chosen that will make a difference to wildlife and the environment, tag your friends, like, share and comment the social media posts on your preferred platforms.

Let this be the moment we say “No More Extinction” and start rebuilding their world, for all our benefits.

Thanks for reading.

John Freeman


• Please consider pre-ordering The Most Important Comic Book On Earth here – it’s for a great cause

• Check out and donate in support of the wider aims of this project at the official #RewritingExtinction web site | Visit the #RewritingExtinction social media sites on InstagramFacebookLinkedInTikTok and Twitter

Andy Serkis’ Rewriting Extinction comic “Selfless Giant”revealed
(Rivelato il fumetto di Andy Serkis “Selfless Giant”, per il progetto Rewriting Extinction)

Selfless Giant” by Andy SerkisPaul GoodenoughDanijel Zezelj and Bernardo Brice, part of the Rewriting Extinction project, got its launch today on the Lord of the Rings actor’s Instagram channel.

The new comic reveal follows hot on the heels of an incredibly successful pre-order launch for the tie-in book, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth, and signals the launch of the Seas and Oceans campaign for July, in partnership with Greenpeace.


Selfless Giant” reflects concerns that unless we all take action now, the ice glaciers, the Selfless Giants, will vanish forever by 2040.

nota bene: i diritti d’autore del fumetto, che state per leggere sono degli autori e dell’editore, che si ringraziano.
Le immagini sono riprodotte solo a fini divulgativi e culturali.

Please note: the copyrights of the comic, which you are about to read, belong to the authors and the project editor and founder of Rewriting Extinction, with thanks.
The images are reproduced only for informative and cultural purposes.

It’s written by writer, director and actor Andy Serkis, best known for his work on Lord of the RingsPlanet of the Apes, and The Hobbit, project editor and founder of Rewriting Extinction Paul Goodenough, writer and producer on shows such as Dreamworks DragonsGI Joe and Have I Got News For You, artist Danijel Zezelj (BabilonChaperon RougeStarveDays of HateVan Gogh/Fractalia), and letterer Bernardo Brice (Adora and the DistanceWhere we LiveHidden SocietyFunny Creek).

Securing Global Ocean Protection

There are over two million species in the ocean – but overfishing, pollution and climate change are causing catastrophic biodiversity loss. Creating hundreds of oceans sanctuaries across the world would have an extraordinary effect on life in our oceans. Where marine areas are properly protected, fish populations have been shown to increase more than six-fold.

Our fate is bound to the fate of our oceans. They do more than harbour incredible wildlife – they support all life on Earth. By producing half our oxygen and soaking up huge amounts of carbon dioxide, oceans are one of our best defences against climate change. If they don’t make it, we don’t either.

Protecting our oceans needs international co-operation. Greenpeace is campaigning around the world to persuade Governments to agree to a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the United Nations. This is an historic opportunity to create oceans sanctuaries, areas safe from human exploitation, across at least 30% of our oceans by 2030.

Wherever a proper ocean sanctuary is created, the results are dramatic. Habitats recover. The fish come back. Life finds a way. A global network of sanctuaries is a brilliantly simple – and achievable – solution to some of the threats our oceans face.


Il Progetto di Fumettomania


Vi invito a leggere  sul  nostro web magazine qualcuno di questi 6 articoli (anche tutti se fosse possibile), perché vi sono spiegati in maniera molto dettagliata il progetto e i nostri obiettivi, ed ancora; la la Scheda tecnica (in Italiano ed in Inglese) per coloro che vorranno aderire e partecipare al progetto; quali sono le scadenze (deadline) del progetto, un po’ di materiale, di link e di file PDF a supporto; ed infine anche la bibliografia (sempre in aggiornamento)

oltre la rassegna stampa che abbiamo avuto finora tra i quali spicca l’articolo sul blog inglese, curato dal responsabile stampa del Lakes International Comic Art Festival, un bel festival inglese che si svolge ogni anno a Kendal. nella regione della Cumbria.

Le scadenze utili

per partecipare al progetto ANTHROPOCENE sono le seguentie:

entro al 31 agosto 2021


24 OTTOBRE ed il 21 NOVEMBRE 2021

(data provvisoria, aspettiamo la concessione dei locali comunali)

entro il 30 NOVEMBRE 2021

DICEMBRE 2021 – APRILE 2022:

entro 31 MARZO 2022

(MAGGIO 2022)

Opere di Autori professionisti insieme ai lavori degli studenti
che hanno partecipato al progetto


IL FILM DOCUMENTARIOAntropocene – L’epoca umana, che esplora l’impatto dell’uomo sulla Terra (Fondazione Culturale N. Stensen with Valmyn Distribution)

Versione gratuita in inglese del film  Antropocene – L’epoca umana, il documentario che esplora l’impatto dell’uomo sulla Terra
(Fondazione Culturale N. Stensen with Valmyn Distribution)



immagine free scaricati da siti liberi da diritti..

22 aprile:Earth Day

5 giugno: World Environment Day

8 giugno: World Oceans Day

7 settembre: la giornata mondiale dell’aria pulita

19 settembre: World Cleanup Day


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