Lo scorso 10 settembre ho trovato sul web, su You Tube, questo video incredibile, sia per al grafica, sia perchè c’è Alan Parsons che canta il brano “Precious Life”. Parsons ha un bel timbro di voce, ed il suo contributo è molto prezioso al brano che già di suo  è molto evocativo grazie alla potentissima grafica 3D.

Del brano se ne è parlato anche sul gruppo di facebook: FAN ITALIANI dell’ ALAN PARSONS PROJECT
Lichtmond (3D Blu-Ray Set Special Edition + DVD + CD), è un album multimediale, il secondo, dei Lichtmond, ed al momento si trova in vendita su Amazon.de (ringrazio Guido Montini per l’informazione)

Riporto il testo in inglese che ognuno potrà leggere a corredo del video IN QUESTO LINK:

<<LICHTMOND – Precious Life feat. Alan Parsons & the SubClones – Official Hompage: http://www.lichtmond.com/

LICHTMOND on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lichtmond

For its second multimedia album „Universe of Light” LICHTMOND cooperated with the music legend Alan Parsons. At the Planetarium Hamburg the award-winning animation music project will be premiered in September 2012. The unique 360° show will be distributed worldwide.

“Higher, faster, wider and everything in XXL” – this exhausting life perspective leads a lot of people exactly to the opposite: to the deep longing for slow movement and relaxation.
The need for beautiful music and sensuality will be complied by the second LICHTMOND animation music Blu-ray “Universe of Light” in 2D and 3D. The audience will embark on a poetic trip through worlds of music and images – right into the birth of the second sun and the evolution of life on “Earth 2”.

Overwhelming 5.1 and 7.1. surround sound enlarges the intense impressions and confirms LICHTMOND as a multimedia artistic synthesis. Breathtaking images and beautiful songs
permit a unique trip into a stunning and wonderful journey into the realm of the senses.

LICHTMOND is especially sensual, and the music touches the soul. The audience immerses into virtual landscapes consisting of sounds, images and voices. Enthralled by beauty, poetry, and purity. This kind of music claims devotion – the regularity of daily life will stop for a moment. The audience experiences an untouched world full of suns, stars and fantastic creatures – beautiful and charming like a painted dream.

Alan Parsons
This “journey into senses” begins with insightful love poems, combined with catchy ambient pop music, culminating in the song “Precious Life” which Alan Parsons composed together with the brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele and their wives Suna and Gabi Koppehele. Alan decided to do the lead vocals on “Precious Life”, as he fell in love with this song during the composing sessions.
Alan Parsons – is a true music legend. He began as assistant engineer for the Beatles, as well as sound engineer for the legendary Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon” and had worldwide success with The Alan Parsons Project. It’s not surprising that through this special guest appearance and great contribution a producer’s dream came true for the Koppehele brothers.

But chance intervened:
Giorgio Koppehele was invited to the Atacama Desert in Chile by Simon Lowery of ESO. Located at the driest place on earth, the observatories of ESO and ALMA were visited during this unique journey. Alan Parsons and the SubClones were also invited to this journey to the stars. Of course, Giorgio took the opportunity and played a first version of “Precious Life” to Alan at 5.000 meters above sea level. It didn’t take much time to persuade Alan Parsons to work on this song with the Koppehele brothers. Alan even decided to sing the lead vocals, to play keyboards and the guitar. The result is impressive.

Alan Parsons about LICHTMOND: 
“I think it’s possible that LICHTMOND could be the next Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk. They have the potential. They got the right sound – they got incredible images!”

I Muvrini

Another highlight is the cooperation with the Corsican vocal artists and brothers, Alain and Jean-François Bernardini, who reached gold status and fill huge concert halls in France with their project I Muvrini. Together with Karen Kassulat and the Koppeheles, I Muvrini wrote the song “Moments of Joy” for LICHTMOND: A unique world ethno hymn about the little joyful moments in our lives.

Again the 3D animations were produced by the Spanish Team of Diego M. Bonati and Javier Sáenz-Messía in the IMAGO-D studios near Madrid. Diego and Javier already created the fantastic animations for LICHTMOND 1 „Moonlight”. For this purpose Giorgio and Martin have written the storyboard together with their Spanish partners Diego and Javier and developed the ideas for the magic image worlds for the new album.

LICHTMOND consists of Martin (synthesizer, bass, esraj) and Giorgio (synthesizer & electronics) Koppehele, Gabi (vocals, lyrics) and Suna (vocals, percussion, melodies, lyrics) Koppehele, Meera Fé (vocals, piano, esraj), Saskia Philipps (vocals), Thomas E. Killinger (narration of the poems, piano).

Embark on a relaxed journey with LICHTMOND to Earth 2 into a brandnew universe of experience!>>

Mario Benenati

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